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Leigh Donovan


"I’ve been involved in woodworking, in some form or fashion, for as long as I can remember. My father, a lifelong carpenter/woodworker was of course my biggest influence. As the son of a carpenter in a small community, I would regularly tag along to lend a hand whenever needed. I was exposed to many areas of construction: decks, siding, roofing, flooring, trim work, and the list goes on.

At home was where we would dabble in woodworking. I can remember the two of us carving at the kitchen table as my mother looked on. We had a small basement shop that I have fond memories of. In that shop was acrude wood lathe powered by an old washing machine motor. Although this machine was rough and somewhat dangerous, it was enough to get me hooked in woodturning.

I still have some of my first turnings I completed as a young lad, around 25-30 years ago. Woodworking can be as diverse as you like, or for some it can be very specialized. For me I enjoy exploring all areas, which is probably due to the wide exposure I received when I was young."