East Coast Roasts


East Coast Roasts Coffee was started by Harrison Fisher in Saint John New Brunswick Canada. Harrison has traveled the world and loved coffee for years before ever venturing to roast it. On a trip to Miami Florida, he walked into an independent Café that had a large coffee roaster situated in the corner. The incredible aroma from the roaster in action was followed by one of the most amazing shots of espresso he had ever had. Upon returning to Canada, he knew he had to try to replicate that experience. He started researching how coffee was made and fell down a rabbit hole. He ended up buying a commercial coffee roaster, linking up with a specialty coffee importer, and started roasting the same quality coffee he had tasted in that Café on that fateful day. After much trial, error, and refinement, he started East Coast Roasts Coffee in 2020 and has shared this experience with many people on the East Coast of Canada. 

Morning Regatta

With its name inspired by our namesakes The Paris Crew of 1867, our signature roast Morning Regatta has hints of cocoa, biscotti and toasted almonds. Available in 1lb or 1/2lb bags.